We All Looked Up 
by Tommy Wallach


Told in alternating chapters from the viewpoints of four senior high school students -- Andy, Anita, Eliza, and Peter-- we learn that while they all have different places in the school hierarchy, each are experiencing their own particular brand of existential crisis. Then a meteor nicknamed Ardor appears in the night sky, prompting curiosity and vague uncertainty. Once the President announces there is a 66% chance of it’s impacting the earth – everyone’s doubts about their futures take on new desperation and intensity. Disintegrating friendships, earned / unearned reputations, parental expectations / neglect and just two months to find real meaning in their lives brings these teens to some unexpectedly dark yet hopeful places.  


Simon & Schuster Books, March 24, 2015, 370 pages, HS

Booktalk by Tana Lucero.