Three Dark Crowns 
by Kendare Blake


Normally, becoming the King or Queen involves simply being the first born to the current Queen or King, right? But in Fennbirn, there are always triplets born, all queens. All are eligible to be the Queen Crowned and all are possessors of specific magic. Katharine is a poisoner who can ingest and make poisons, Arsinoe is a naturalist who is in concert with plants and animals, and Mirabella is an elemental who can call up fierce storms or fire. When these sisters are very young, they are taken away from each other and raised by the political party in charge of these different magics. The night the sisters turn sixteen, they will begin the fight for the crown. The last queen standing, yes, it is a fight to the death, will be Queen Crowned and the political party that girl belongs to will rule Fennbirn. Political intrigue and the individual sisters lives right before they are sixteen is the focus of this first book in a four book series. Three Dark Crowns #1


Book 2: One Dark Throne published September 19, 2017

Book 3: Two Dark Reigns published September 4, 2018

Book 4: Untitled at this time with an expected publication of 2019


HarperTeen, September 20, 2016, 398 pages, MS/HS

Booktalk by Toni Weller.

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