The Sun is Also a Star
by Nicola Yoon


In alternating first-person chapters The Sun is Also Star chronicles the romance between Natasha, an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica whose family is being deported the next day, and Daniel, a first generation Korean American whose parents are insisting he become a doctor.  They meet and fall in love during one fateful day in NYC. Natasha, who is an outstanding science student, is facing deportation because her dad was arrested on a DUI charge.  She is looking for a lawyer who can help her family stay in the US long enough for her to get into college. Daniel, a dreamer and a poet, is on his way to an interview for admission to Yale. They witness a shoplifting incident at a record store and he falls in "love at second sight;" (where you meet a person and know you'll fall in love). Their paths continue to converge throughout the next 12 hours and Daniel is determined to make her fall in love with him. Although she is in a race against time, Natasha can't help but be charmed by his insistence that fate means for them to be together. This book has won numerous accolades, including 2016 National Book Finalist; and Amazon, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and Buzzfeed best book of 2016.

Delacorte Press, November 1, 2016, 384 pages, MS/HS


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