Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard introduces Mare Barrow, a lower caste thief living in a world of elite Silver bloods with magical powers and Reds who are born to conscription. When Mare is taken to serve in the Silver castle, she unwittingly displays powers of her own, and the royals claim her as a long lost silver princess and betroth her to their younger son. As she becomes a royal insider, she still conspires to help the Scarlet Rebellion, whose goal is to dismantle the caste system and put an end to the wars waged by the Silver royalty. The problems in the story reflect many of today's social issues including political corruption, ethnic and class inequality, pollution, warfare, and the power of the media to manipulate the truth. Of course, there are potential love interests for Mare, but these take a back seat to the action at this point in the trilogy. 
(Red Queen #1)

Harper Teen, February 10, 2015, 383 pages, MS/HS.


Series: The Glass Sword – February 9, 2016

             King's Cage - February 7, 2017

             War Storm - expected publication May 15, 2018

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