Like A Love Story 
by Abdi Nazemian

Judy and Art are best friends. That means Judy is always in his corner when their homophobic classmates harass him, and Art would never do anything to hurt her. Which is why things get very complicated when he starts to fall for her new boyfriend, Reza. And they get even more complicated when Reza admits he’s fallen for Art, too. This is a beautifully written exploration of first love’s fragility in the face of a world full of hate and fear. But just as compelling is its look into a friendship that isn’t shattered by a betrayal; instead, its cracks are revealed as two friends grow into the people they’re meant to be. Nazemian (The Authentics) paints a picture of late ’80s queer life in New York City that’s neither romanticized nor viewed as only tragic. Judy’s relationship with her uncle, who is living with AIDS, is important but it’s his relationship with Art, as a person who can give him the love and acceptance he doesn’t find at home, as well as an education in what it means to be part of the LGBTQ community, that is truly powerful. Nazemian’s latest will remind readers that first love is isolating and unifying, exhilarating and terrifying, and every paradox in between.

Balzer + Bray. June 4, 2019. 432 pages. HS

Book summary from Booklist starred (April 15, 2019).

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