Kill all Happies by Rachel Cohn


Multi-tasker Victoria Navarro decides to throw an epic and forbidden high school graduation party at that legendary local restaurant “Happies” that put her California desert town on the map, but is now closing. Happies was known for food, fun, and the fans that still hold conventions in its honor. With her two best friends, Fletch and Slick, known as the “cuddle huddle,” she orchestrates an alcohol infused party sure to antagonize her nemesis, the villainous teacher Miss Ann Thrope.  Things get out of hand when a local biker gang and geriatric Happies fans crash the party and break into the closed nearby amusement park. As Vic tries unsuccessfully to get things under control, she begins to reevaluate her love life, friendships and future plans. This realistic, yet over-the-top, read has witty dialogue, a sassy go-getting lead character, a hard-to-attain crush, and, of course, best friends for life.


Disney-Hyperion, May 2, 2017, 288 pages, HS


Booktalk by Sharon Nehls.