Honor Among Thieves 
by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre


When her mother and sister leave for Mars, Zara Cole stays behind in New Detroit for a life of petty crime. When she picks the wrong mark her life takes a dangerous turn and she decides that her best chance at survival is to turn herself in to a youth detention center. Once she is "safe" Zara is given an unexpected opportunity to escape the problems that plague her. She has been chosen as an Honor. An elite group chosen by the Leviathan, a species of alien that has aided the human race.  Zara doesn't initially want to go but the chance may be her one opportunity to escape her past.

Zara quickly realizes that her tour is much more than just an chance for Leviathans and humans to learn from each other.  Immediately sensing a connection with Nadim, the alien ship she is assigned to, Zara starts to believe this trip won't be so bad. There are dark secrets at play and it doesn't take Zara long to realize that there is a lot that the Leviathan and the humans aren't telling her.

Katherine Tegen Books, February 13, 2018, 467 pages, MS/HS

Booktalk by Susan Bertsche.

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