Furyborn by Claire Legrand 

The first book in the Empirium trilogy alternates between two stories, set a thousand years apart,
about two women, the savior Sun Queen and the destructive Blood Queen, who will impact the
fate of the Aritas empire.  The story opens when Rielle, who wields elemental magic, is forced to
undergo seven trials to discover her true identity as the Sun Queen and ascend the Empire’s
throne.  A thousand years later Eliana, a bounty hunter, joins the rebels who are fighting the
Empire.  The stories of magic, angels and saints in Rielle's era are thought to be myths in
Eliana's.  However, when her mother disappears, Eliana attempts to rescue her and gets
embroiled in a cosmic battle that has been ongoing since Rielle's reign.  There is a great deal of
world building in this introduction to the trilogy, but the two stories are cleverly interwoven and
fast-paced once each heroine begins her quest. (The Empirium Trilogy #1)

Sourcebooks Fire, May 22, 2018, 512 pages. MS/HS


Sequel: Kingsbane - expected publication May 21, 2019

Booktalk by Sharon Nehls.