The Forgetting 
by Sharon Cameron


Nadia has always been conscious of who she is in her seemingly safe city of Canaan. She has also been aware that others aren't always as they appear. Nadia knows this because she is the only person never to have forgotten.

Canaan is a place without memory. Where every twelve years it descends into the chaos of the Forgetting where each person’s memories are lost. The only way to remember is to have written your truth. As the next Forgetting nears, Nadia and her new ally, Gray, are rushed to find answers about the past and determine if there is a way to stop the Forgetting and the enemy that threatens them all.

This book will appeal to readers of The Giver and the Divergent series. It has a nice mix of mystery, adventure, and romance in a dystopian setting.  (The Forgetting #1)

Scholastic Press, September 13, 2016, 403 pages, MS/HS.

Sequel: The Knowing - published October 10, 2017

Booktalk by Melissa Carlson.