Children of Blood and Bone 
by Tomi Adeyemi


The first book in the new Legacy of Orisha series introduces Zelie, a diviner with latent magic
abilities, who is hoping to bring magic back to her kingdom.  King Saran has killed most of the
maji, including her mother, but his daughter Amari escapes his palace with a scroll containing
the power to reignite magic. Amari is devastated when her maid, who is a diviner, is killed by
her father.  During her escape she is aided by Zelie, who realizes that the scroll Amari has stolen
is one of the three relics need to perform a ceremony to restore magic powers to diviners.  Aided
by Zelie's brother Tzain, they are traveling to a mythic island, which they must reach to perform
the ceremony before the solstice. Prince Inan, Amari's brother, is hot on their trail, but while in
route he discovers he is a diviner as well.  Along the way, allegiances shift and a cliff hanger
ending will leave readers anxious for the sequel to this new action-packed page turner.

Among the book’s many awards are Goodreads YA Book of the Year, Time Magazine Top 10 Best YA
and Children’s Books of 2018, Kirkus Prize Finalist, William C. Morris YA Debut Author
nominee for 2019, and Publisher’s Weekly and SLJ’s Best YA Books of 2018. Legacy of Orisha (Book 1)


Henry Holt and Co. (BYR); First Edition, March 6, 2018, 525 pages. HS

Sequel: Children of Virtue and Vengeance - expected publication June 4, 2019


Booktalk by Sharon Nehls.

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